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Pregnancy, postpartum and breastfeeding

The main benefit of acupuncture during pregnancy is to promote an increase in the pregnant woman's Qi and Jing; in simple terms, we can say that Qi is the energy that circulates in our body and throughout nature and Jing is the Vital Energy, the Essence, what we inherit from our parents and will pass on to our children. Therefore, the maintenance of these “energies” is of paramount importance both for the health of the pregnant woman and for the growth of the fetus.

Acupuncture sessions can also alleviate discomforts present in pregnancy, such as nausea, headaches, back pain and anxiety.


For pregnant women who want a normal birth and are already at the appropriate gestational age, acupuncture can help in inducing uterine contractions and dilation, as well as helping with labor analgesia.


During breastfeeding, acupuncture helps the mother in two ways: reducing stress and increasing her ability to produce milk.

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