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Everything matters: body, mind, spirit and the environment.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) sees man as a being inserted in Nature, and thus submitted to its laws.

Our health is influenced by environmental factors, such as pollution, pesticides, sun exposure, climate change, among others.

Our body works like an ecosystem, all the organs are interconnected and are influenced by each other.

And so diseases and dysfunctions occur due to disharmony within our “ecosystem”.

And the restoration of health occurs through the balance of our entire organism and not “fixing” just a part, considered sick (“broken”). Which is the way in which Western Medicine reasons from the perspective of the Cartesian conception, which contemplates the human being as a machine formed by the sum of several parts.

For TCM, our reproductive system would be no different, the good functioning of its set of isolated organs (vagina, uterus and ovaries) and hormones is not enough to be fertile. It is necessary for the whole body to function well for pregnancy to occur.

Thus, traditional Chinese medicine is based on performing acupuncture, diet therapy, meditation, herbal medicine and bodily practices such as tai chi chuan. Precisely so that all levels of human existence are reached: body, mind and spirit.

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