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How to improve egg quality?

The number of eggs naturally drops over the years, but the drop in quality need not occur at the same rate. ⁣

The main mechanism related to reduced egg quality is oxidative stress. But what is this?

Oxidative stress is one of the main causes of damage to cell structures, including DNA and membranes, and its effects can be seen in eggs as well. Oxidative stress occurs due to excess molecules, called free radicals. Such molecules are created as normal by-products of cellular metabolism or by exposure to substances I will cite below.

However, our bodies have natural ways to control free radicals. Also, they are not necessarily harmful. The big question is when they are present in excess in the body.

So how to fight oxidative stress? First, limit exposure to free radicals – some are under our control (smoking), while others are not so much (air pollution).

The following precautions can reduce oxidative stress, and thus preserve the quality of your eggs, see some tips:

- Avoid alcohol consumption, drinking frequently can worsen fertility. The daily intake of alcohol, whether from wine or another beverage, reduces the chances of having a good pregnancy by up to 40%.

- Seek treatment to quit smoking.

- Eat well. It is essential for the couple who want to get pregnant, after all, two cells are needed to generate an embryo, egg and sperm. Eat foods rich in antioxidants and limit your intake of foods that trigger inflammation (inflammation => excess free radical).

- Treat obesity, excess body fat, in addition to causing hormonal changes, it keeps the body in a pro-inflammatory state.

- Reduce exposure to toxins that can impair fertility such as bisphenol A (BPA) present in plastics and flalates present in some cosmetics. Use glass or ceramic containers and prefer organic or natural cosmetics.

- Reduce stress: meditation, psychotherapy and yoga.

- Take care of your sleep, and know: melatonin – the “sleep hormone” – is also an antioxidant.

Of course, acupuncture associated with this care and regular exercise will bring better results. ⁣

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