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Sugar and your fertility!

Excess blood sugar:

šŸ”ŗIn addition to leading to overweight and obesity that are associated with lower fertility;

šŸ”ŗIt also negatively influences the hypothalamic-pituitary-ovarian hormonal axis.

Sugar acts at the pituitary level, reducing its stimulation on the ovaries that would lead to ovulation.

Sugar is also considered one of the villains in the diet of couples who want to get pregnant, as it contributes to making the diet more inflammatory.

Inflammation occurs when there is an excess of free radicals. And this excess of free radicals in the microenvironment of the ovaries and testes results in lower quality eggs and sperm.

Thus, the more sugar, the less ovulation and lower quality eggs.

The main recommendations for a less inflammatory diet are:


šŸ”ŗAvoid excessive consumption of sugar;ā£

šŸ”ŗAvoid canister juices and sodas;ā£

šŸ”ŗAvoid processed foods;ā£

šŸ”ŗAvoid smoking, alcoholism and caffeine;

šŸ”ŗReduce red meat consumption;

šŸ”ŗConsume fresh food, preferably organic.ā£


Consulting with a nutritionist or nutritionist is of great value for better guidance on food replacements and individualized nutritional assessment.


I hope to help you with these tips.


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